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Sell your property with the right agent for the highest price and at the lowest fees without the overwhelm of the listing process.

We speak Agent, so you never have to

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We research your property, 
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We analyse your property then the local
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You choose your best fit

We've done all the heavy lifting and
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Relax as we organise,
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Hello Haus does all the work,
so you don't have to and, best
of all this service is free!

Agents selected

We research, then invite the most appropriate agents to participate.

Property Inspected

We coordinate inspection times for the agents to view your property and meet you.

Proposals received

Agents submit proposals to Hello Haus within 48hrs of inspecting your property.

Proposals analysed

We analyse and organise the proposals into an easy to interpret comparison table.

Present comparisons

We present you with our recommendation on the most appropriate agent for you.

Award contract

You select your preferred agent, before we re-negotiate their fees.

Campaign begins

Sell your property at the highest price without the overwhelm.


Jane Slack-Smith

Property selling, made easy
"By Leveraging this service property owners reduce their overwhelm in selecting the right agent, whilst Hello Haus keep the agent honest throughout the listing process.  Best of all the service is free and saves our clients thousands in commissions" - award winning Mortgage Broker & property expert.

How it Works

The 'Agent Selector' service shields you from the stress of dealing with selling agents at the stage of researching and selecting the right candidate to represent your sale. This is a pet hate of most property owners who get bombarded as soon as they identify themselves as a potential seller.

How we do it ...
  • We analyse your asset to determine the current market value to alleviate the risk of agents trying to "inflate your expectations" or "buy the business" which is a common problem.
  • ​We research the leading three local selling agents, based on stock levels, past results, response times, how big their teams are and current workload + many other filters
  • ​Co-ordinate all property access & agent sale proposals fast - which we share with you in real-time
  • ​Prepare a single review document to allow you to compare with ease. Method of sale, marketing ideas / costs, estimated selling price, commission structure etc
  • ​Advise on our suggested choice and why (you remain in control at all times of who you select) 
  • ​Negotiate with the leading agent to secure them on the best terms for you.
Our objective is to have you list with the leading agent at the lowest cost to ensure you sell for a premium and save thousands in commission.  By running a competitive process to find the best local agents, the agent commission rates are usually well below that of other sellers going it alone.

Why it works ...

Selling agents are notorious for 'buying listings' by overstating what a property is worth. This process keeps them honest - it also insulates you as the client from the overwhelm associated with rationalising who should be awarded the listing.

When you put all the leading agents in a competitive situation they become negotiable on fees because they want their signboard and marketing on your property as it elevates their agent profile.  They will also fight for the best sale price for you to maximise their commission and to showcase their results in your location.

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